Egg Pakora Snack Recipe

Anda Pakora Egg Snack Indian Fritters

Yummy Snack Recipe made using Eggs, Easy to make Anda or Egg Pakora, Indian fritters snack recipe. Instant snack recipe served as a evening tea time snack or as a complete breakfast. Checkout our Egg Pudding Recipe

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Ingredients for the Anda Pakora Egg Fritters Snack:

  • Eggs-5
  • Black pepper powder-2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder-1 tsp
  • Roasted carom seeds powder-1/2 tsp
  • Carom seeds-1 tsp
  • Ginger paste-1 tsp
  • Garlic paste-1/2 tsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • Dry mango powder(amchur)-1 tsp
  • Gram flour (besan)-5 tbsp
  • Rice flour-2 tbsp
  • Mint leaves-little
  • Green chillies-5
  • Coriander leaves-little
  • Baking powder-1 pinch


  • Boil eggs and cut into half.
  • Take a bowl, add 1/2 tsp roasted carom seeds powder, add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp black pepper powder, 1/2 tsp ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, little dry mango powder, little water and mix well, add little more black pepper powder.
  • Apply this mixture to boiled eggs.
  • Take a bowl, add 5 tbsp besan, add 2 tbsp rice flour, add 1/2 tsp dry mango powder, add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, add water and mix well, add ginger paste, add garlic paste, add chopped mint leaves, add chopped green chillies, add chopped coriender leaves, add black pepper powder, add 1 tsp carom seeds and mix well, add salt, add 1 pinch baking powder and mix well.
  • Dip eggs into besan batter and fry, turn upside down every minute until you get desired color.
  • Egg Pakora is ready.
Egg Pudding Anda Snack Recipe

Egg Pudding Anda Snack Recipe

Try this yummy snack recipe made using eggs and dry fruits, so simple and easy to make. Egg pudding Anda Snack recipe is prepared using jaggery instead of sugar and hence prepared in a healthy way. A must try snack. Have you tried this Non Veg Bhel Recipe

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Ingredients for Egg Pudding Anda Snack Recipe:

  • McVities Oat Cookies (biscuits)-240 gm (2 boxes)
  • Almonds-25 gm (optional)
  • Sugar-3 tablespoon
  • Milk-200 ml
  • Clarified Butter-2 tablespoon (optional)
  • Vanilla essence-1 spoon
  • Baking powder-1 teaspoon
  • Cooking soda-1/2 teaspoon
  • Charoli- 1 tablespoon


  • Add biscuits into mixer jar, add almonds, add sugar and grind, now add milk, add clarified butter, add vanilla essence and grind, transfer to a vessel, mix well, add baking powder, add cooking soda and mix well.
  • Take a vessel, apply clarified butter, sprinkle maida all over, spread little charoli, pour the mixture, spread little charoli over.
  • Pre-heat a big vessel for 10 minutes, keep a stand, now keep the cake mixture vessel and close the lid
  • Further, cook for 4 minutes on high flame, lower the flame and then again cook for 21 minutes, now check with a toothpick. If not cooked, cook for another 10 minutes.
  • Biscuit cake is ready.