Khajur Dates Barfi Indian Sweet

Khajoor Roll Barfi Sweet Indian Dates Burfi

Khajur or Dates is a healthy fruit which is used in many sweet dishes particularly halwa and barfi. In this recipe, we will prepare Khajoor Roll Barfi which is a Indian sweet dish or dessert. Dates are a rice source of Vitamins and Minerals and it can be either eaten ripened or used in various recipes like milkshakes and Falooda.

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Dates and dry fruits are a healthier combination which also gives energy and at the same time compliments the meal as a sweet/dessert.In this indian sweet dish Ghee or clarified butter enhances the taste of this Khajoor Roll Barfi recipe. As initially we roast the dryfruits and the Khajur paste in Ghee before making the roll and further into pieces.

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Dates Roll Burfi Recipe
Khajoor Burfi Ingredients


  • Dates 400 gm
  • Almonds 100gm
  • Watermelon Seeds 25 gm
  • Cashewnuts 25 gm
  • Charoli 10 gm
  • Sesame seeds 2-3 tbsp
  • Ghee 4 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder 1 spoon


  • Firstly, Grind dates to a thin paste
  • Heat a pan
  • Secondly, On medium flame roast sesame seeds for 30 sec while constantly stirring it
  • Similarly roast charoli for 30 sec while stirring it
  • Add ghee on medium flame
  • Now add chopped almonds and roast for 30 sec
  • Similarly add cashewnuts and roast for 30 sec
  • Add dates paste
  • Stir roast further for 5 min on medium flame while constantly stirring it
  • Finally, Add cardamom powder and mix it well
  • Take it off stove
  • Most importantly, Allow it to cool completely for 30 min
  • Apply ghee to the palm and make a roll of the mixture
  • On a plate sprinkle sesame seeds and dry fruits
  • Place the roll on the sprinkled dry fruits and sesame seeds and apply it
  • Wrap in a aluminum foil and most importantly, cool in refrigerator for 2 hours.
  • Later, cut into pieces.
  • Serve. (The pieces can be refrigerated before serving for best results)